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House Calls offers an alternative approach to meet individuals (children to senior citizens) in their home or where most comfortable.  Our team of specialists distinguishes their services from others by working together under one umbrella. When necessary, one or more family members might utilize our team for any life transition circumstance.

We are unique since we bring all kinds of resources to the home, office, or on the phone.  Zoom, Skype™, FaceTime and more makes sessions convenient and personalized.


  • Recovery
  • Life Coaching
  • Mental Health Coordination
  • Advocacy with doctors and hospital staff
  • Young adults with disabilities preparing for the future
  • Referrals for subsidies
  • De-Cluttering and organizing
  • In-home counseling or Online Virtual Services
  • Socialization and recreational integration
  • Community resources and referrals
  • Family mediation (teaching active listening)
  • Baby Boomers struggling with difficult decisions for their parents (alzheimer's, transition to assisted living)

Many, Many Testimonials. See them Here

*We utilize certified Recreation Therapists to role model and engage individuals in social and recreational situations within the community.  By attending activities with the client, this ensures friendship and development to build socialization skills.

*House Calls, As  featured in Your Health Magazine

*Please note - We do not take insurance
(we are private pay)

Beth Albaneze

Certified Recreation Therapist, Rehabilitation Practitioner & Leisure Counselor

Life Coaching & Online Counseling serving Rockville, Silver Spring, Olney, Germantown, Gaithersburg (or anywhere in Montgomery County), Columbia (Howard County), District of Columbia (DC), Northern Virginia, Ocean City Beaches, Delaware Beaches, Nationwide (using Zoom, Skype™, FaceTime and more)
with the unique option to be
in the comfort of your own home...

We offer children to seniors a range of services from life coaching, to counseling, and mental health coordination to advocacy, to assessing a daughter or son who needs help with accommodations in school and/or work, coordination with schools or work, doctors, and hospital staff, as well as arrange referrals to lawyers, doctors, agencies that know about subsidies often not considered.


Services also include Recovery Coaching (home support for those dealing with addiction), case management, and advocacy to help families navigate the medical and mental health maze and support for families (family mediation).

Our senior citizens who are aging in place are provided with a team specialist to evaluate home safety (decluttering and mobility barriers to name a few); arrange home care, make referrals to assisted living for individuals needing a more restrictive environment such as alzheimer's and/or head injury and can arrange a "wrap around" service at home for isolated individuals with autism, chronic depression, phobias, severe chronic mental illness, and isolation leading to depression and anxiety.

Our young adults with disabilities are provided a myriad of services including de-clutteringorganizing, and referrals for subsidies.

From life coaching to in-home counseling or online counseling we assist almost anyone who seeks our assistance. We have several different types of therapists and/or therapy and can meet you or see you at your location in Rockville, Silver Spring, Olney, Germantown, Gaithersburg (anywhere in Montgomery County); Columbia (Howard County), District of Columbia (DC) and Northern Virginia. If in-person therapy is not possible due to living out of state, we offer online counseling anywhere in the US via Zoom, Skype™, FaceTime/or other online virtual service.


Montgomery County Life Coaching & Online Counseling

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Welcome to House Calls, LLC

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*Note - We do not accept insurance,
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Helplessness to Hopefulness

Individuals & Families

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From Children to Seniors

From Teens to Seniors

  • Does someone you love face ongoing mental health or medical challenges?
  • Does a loved one experience isolation due to social anxiety and/or depression?
  • Is a loved one in need of ongoing life coaching?
  • Are you or someone you love faced with life changing decisions?
  • We are a provider (when requested) for the World Trade Center Victims classified with Post Traumatic Stress.
  • We are also a provider (when requested) for local hospitals during the discharge process and for sustainability.
  • We work with people with a range of dementia issues.
  • Zoom, Skype™, FaceTime for online counseling or other online virtual service. Our online virtual  services assist people who prefer an alternative to office or home visitation. See here for more information.

Assisted Living Transition

Assisted Living

  • House Calls offers specialized training to Home Health Aides
  • House Calls offers Continuing Education Workshops
  • House Calls collaborates with Assisted Living and Long Term Care facilities by mediating with families and individuals resistant to moving from their home
  • House Calls offers ongoing Counseling & Support to residents in Assisted Living and Long Term Care facilities which includes families having difficulty adapting

“Beth, thanks so much for doing an inventory of our lives and getting us to prioritize and focus on what matters. Putting us in touch with Margaret was singularly one of the best things that has happened to us. Margaret, your diligence and patience is commendable. You did something that very few people could do for me and that is to work with me in such a way that made organizing rewarding and actually enjoyable. I am now a stickler for order in our household environment and am completely committed to purging as appropriate.”
—Nellie Wild, Client

Many, Many Testimonials. See them Here.

House Calls, LLC located in Maryland and serving the Maryland, DC, and Virginia Metro Area as well as the Ocean City and Delaware beaches. We can also reach you nationwide using Zoom, Skype™, FaceTime, or many other platforms. We serve a wide range of ages from children to senior adults.
Some of our services include Housing Assistance for Individuals with Mental Illness in the Maryland/DC Metro Area, Assistance with Seniors in the Maryland/DC Metro Area, Hoarding in the Maryland/DC Metro Area, Life Coaching and Recreation Therapy in the Maryland/DC Metro Area, Grief Assistance in the Maryland/DC Metro Area, and much more.
Additionally, we can provide Community Resources, Case Management Assistance, and more.