Intake Service Form


The purpose of this intake form is to prepare for the initial HOUSE CALLS consultation and save time during the session.
*If you would rather complete the intake form on the phone with one of our team members, you have the option to be interviewed (over the phone). However, a fee may be incurred depending on the length of the interview session. Please let us know if you would rather complete the intake form in this manner. If you are not comfortable sending in this form online, you may mail or fax the form. Please click HERE to download our printable form. "We like to save people time and money on the initial consult visit. House Calls provides a full review of the comprehensive information on this intake form as a courtesy. Often we can propose a plan before a House Calls team member gets to your appointment." -House Calls, LLC

**House Calls takes payments through Paypal.

(note: some Life Transition and Coordination of Services areas may overlap)
The fee for an initial consultation is $175 per hour plus a $25 travel fee (not to exceed 30 minutes round trip) and $37.50 per 15 minute segment after the first hour.
*Credit card and/or any payment used that incurs an added fee will assume the service fee that is extended to House Calls. You have the option to mail a check to our post office box before the last day of the month of that billing cycle to avoid a late fee or service fee. **Cancellation with less than 24 hours notice requires payment of the full fee since the specialist will have reserved their time (that includes no-show).
I agree to pay House Calls, LLC immediately for all services rendered. If I negotiate to be billed monthly, I understand that payment is expected 15 days after receipt of invoice by check or credit card through the paypal button on House Calls, LLC homepage. A late fee of $50 per month will be incurred until payment is paid in full.
Permission is given to House LLC to communicate with other parties relevant to the client’s rehabilitation goals and objectives. At all times confidentiality will be respected unless there is imminent harm, bodily injury or abuse which requires our team to seek help. We are not a crisis service and defer to family or community resources to take action.

For Your Information: In general, email communications are not secure. Please check here for your informed consent to communicate through these channels. If you do not check this, we will assume you will print this Intake (or download the pdf Intake Form to bring with you).

I hereby agree to be bound by this agreement and am aware that this electronic signature is enforceable as if it were handwritten. This verifies that I give my written consent to bill me for any of the above related expenditures including legal fees, court costs and collection expenses involved for breach of contract.
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