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HOUSE CALLS LLC (HC) is owned and operated by Beth Albaneze CTRS, CPRP, Rehabilitation and Recreation Therapist. Beth and her credentialed team of seasoned professionals provide client services under one HC umbrella.

The clients are provided HC “All In One” assistance similar to a wrap around approach to client care. This “All In One” concept provides on-going communication and support between the different disciplines.

HC creates contractual agreements with hospitals, rehabilitation, assisted living and group homes for staff training in the “All In One” HC model.

HC teaches facilities across the country how to customize the transition/discharge process using the HC model. The training program creates “Train The Trainer” curriculum used to establish specific goals for specific clients in select facilities. The client and discharge team work in concert with community clinicians that are trained by the team of HC specialists. HC also works directly with facilities and community professionals in their geographic area.

This interdisciplinary team consists of discharge staff from the facility and professionals selected from the community to ensure a smooth transition from facility to home and if need be from home to facility. The goal of the “Train The Trainer” is to teach the discharge team and community team how to locate and utilize resources with rapid response in order to place a client back into the community with a foundation that prevents relapse.

The model creates a step-by-step strategy for successful transition beginning when the client gets to his home and provides ongoing support for integration into the community. The client is taught to identify intrinsically rewarding pursuits such as volunteering, choose classes for school, learn a job specialty and rewarding social activity. By repeating enjoyable experiences, a client will regain an identity and develop a lifestyle that includes productive friendships and engagement in the community.

The overall “All In One” plan creates a structured environment upon release that takes into account client resistance, apathy, lack of awareness of specific interests, fears and abilities. The team act as consultants and/or direct service providers depending on the locale . This plan is evaluated and refined over time by the

HC consultant team.

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